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joshkatie's Journal

Katie & Josh Fans
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Katie Holmes and Josh Jackson played Joey Potter & Pacey Witter on WB's hit show, Dawson's Creek. Katie and Josh are both extremely talented and had mind-blowing chemistry on-screen, and off. This community is for those of us who ship the couple off-screen.

.. Affliates ..


x-NO bashing Katie, Josh or any members.
x-Try to post and comment regularily so this community doesn't die.
x-When posting pictures/articles/graphics etc...please put it under a cut.
x-If you have *NEW* news about Katie or Josh being interviewed, etc...BOLD you're post so we can stay tuned.
x-Have fun! =)

New Members:
x-Post an application so we know a bit about you. (Look Below for Application)
x-Put application under a CUT.
x-IMPORTANT Make the cut say "Because I'm not going anywhere without you" just because it's cute and I know you've read the rules.


Why do you like Katie and Josh?:
Favorite Pacey and Joey scene:
3 Things you love about Katie:
3 Things you love about Josh:


Favorite picture of Katie:
Favorite picture of Josh:
Favorite picture of Katie/Josh or Pacey/Joey together:

to make it easier just copy it from here

This community is run by _icantbeperfect if you'd like to help out or have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

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